Sunday, May 16, 2004

News from Bangkok

Another new look for my blog..I like this skin quite a bit. When I decide to make it a priority, I might actually learn to make my own skin with all the stuff I really want. But for now, Blogger is giving me some nice resources in addition to letting me rant on and on about not much.

Today I got to spend about an hour instant messaging with Pete in Bangkok. I'm hoping he'll send me some recent photos of him and his girlfriend Kung. Pete and I were roommates at Purdue and are lucky enough to have each other as close friends still after (gulp) 22 years with lots of great times together. Bangkok is far enough ahead of Montana time wise so that we don't really get alot of good time to chat, but today we had a great talk. He is starting a couple of new businesses with some friends and they sound very positive. But the big news is that he and Kung are seriously talking about marriage. They've been dated for 2 1/2 years now and been living together for something like a year now and Pete thinks the time is getting near. This really causes me to have some conflicting emotions; one the one hand I am so excited for Pete because he is truly a great human being, but on the other hand Pete and I are like the last of the Mohicans in that we're the last two of a group of friends yet to marry. We've always relied on each other for co-miseration, sharing the ups and downs of single life and knowing we have each other....but he has Kung and I'm lucky enough to have Annie (no, she still hasn't tired of me) and the future is not yet written. Life certainly is an interesting journey.

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