Sunday, May 09, 2004

Holy smokes, San Francisco is amazing. It's almost too much. I've spent most of my time inside the conference thinking about what I'm going to do next once the sessions are over! Our hotel is unbelievable. The amazing Jody Flowers hooked us up, as the Hotel Triton is about 30 steps from the gates of Chinatown and all that it offers, is about three blocks from some of the best shopping and people watching I've ever experienced and is surrounded by incredible restaurants, art galleries and stores of all types.
Friday night Rick, Karl and I headed into Chinatown for some very tasty food followed by a Boddington's at a lively Irish Pub.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Every break I'd rush outside to take in the feel of the city. On my way back to the hotel I took Punk Asses advice and detoured to Union Square. There was an amazing art show going on...and I'm not talking street art, I'm talking collector quality art on display and for sale. Of course, this was all made better by the sheer number and interesting nature of the people hanging out in the square. Living in Missoula it is easy to forget just how cool it is to be around people who are either from a different culture or are a jumbled mess of races or whatever...I dig that.

last night we headed into the Haight for dinner at Cha Cha Cha, a super hip Caribbean restaurant. We had some of the best jerk chicken ever to touch my taste buds...loads of Cajun shrimp, Cuban potatoes, calamari and some wild mushroom dish that blew my mouth away. Nice night spent with Rick's brother and childhood friends (with names like The Snitch, Blue Jay and Robette how could you go wrong?).

today is Mother's day and I'm missing mine. I'm off to the conference for 1/2 day and then it'll be time to play again. Can't wait to post some pictures.

Oh, we did get to Amoeba Music's the bomb.
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