Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Can not believe it is Tuesday already, nope can't believe it. I arrived back in Missoula last night and to give you an idea of how off my mental clock is, I thought we were 50 minutes early not 10 minutes late. I was so shocked that Karl (my ride) was at the airport and expressed my amazement with his ability to know my flight had arrived. He looked at me puzzled but I guess he assumed it was just another odd comment in a stream of odd comments that bubble from my mouth. Only later did I discover the plane landed at 11:10 PM, not 10:10 PM and that I was an hour off.

I Got to bed at about midnight but couldn't sleep for this odd smell that I couldn't shake from my nose. At about 1:30 AM, after digging through the garbage, smelling my drains and looking on my front porch I realized it was the smell of pizza cardboard coming from my courier bag at the end of the bed. You see, I grabbed the last Godfather's pizza from under the heat lamp in the Minneapolis airport at about 9:15 PM (who knows how long that thing had been sitting there) and left the box, crumbs and peppers included, in my bag. I deposited the bag in my bedroom and thus allowed the box to severely alter my sleeping habit. There is a certain odor cardboard takes on once it is heated like that and I had it...in my bedroom. Argh.

Today was a jumbled up mess of the good, bad and the ugly at work. On the one hand I was able to storm through my tasks, pumping out some things a day ahead of schedule and even securing a source for co-op money for some future marketing efforts. On the other, my new clinical model (introduced several months ago and implemented yesterday, so we are D-Day +1) I introduced at the Urology office is meeting with some obstacles, not all of which are unwelcome by employees assigned the task of making the model work. I really dislike it when people choose that path. That was the good and the ugly, the bad was all this statistical and financial analysis I've been working on so I can give the doctors a better understanding of their position. I'm sure there is some blog out there where that sort of thing is considered "fun" to talk about but this blog ain't that so I won't bore you with the details. Anyhow, the day whizzed by and here I sit, my first chance to weblog about my weekend in Indy.

A short detour first...

Strange, one of the nice things about being back at my desk, in my windowless office that was an exam room in a prior life, is my music. I listen to music all day, everyday. The people I work with have come to accept this part of me as one of those peculiar aspects of my being here. One minute it may be some Wagner, the next it is John Digweed or the Kinks or whatever. Merle Haggard? Got it. Van Morrison? Johnnie Ray? Please. Wilco? Parliament? Blind Boy Fuller? Ozmati? George Jones? Modest Mouse? Greg Brown? C'mon, I've got a little bit of everything and I really like all kinds of music. I've completely transitioned to iTunes now, moving away from MusicMatch Plus, even though I have the lifetime upgrades. Musicmatch chews up too many resources for my liking and, despite the album art and tag editing features, MusicMatch makes my machine go bonkers about every third day. And whereas MusicMatch has a hard time handling the shuffle all feature, iTunes handles this task without a problem. On the other hand, iTunes plays my music and leaves me alone...and since I listen to music all day long (I've got over 20,000 songs now on my external hard drive), that's what I want to do, listen to music and work not listen to music sometimes, work sometimes and have my computer freeze the rest of the time.

So, back to the weekend. It was a big event crammed into a short time frame. Annie met my family and some of my friends. I met her sister, brother in-law and some of their friends. My Mom and dad put on a big ol' Indiana style cookout with chicken on the bar-bee-que and Annie's sister and bro-in-law cooked up some lobster. We ate our way through the weekend, once again. My niece's, as expected, loved Annie instantly, especially little Brooke. My Mom seemed to have the same take and everyone spent most of the weekend smiling. Even my Dad chimed in with praises for Ms. Weissman.

We swam in the rain, shopped at Galyan's and the new Miss Zula's in Indianapolis and enjoyed the company of part of the Indy Oligarchy ( a little nickname we have for an old group of friends), my family and a few others at the cookout. Annie finally met Monkey, who I seem to talk about all the time, Garrett & T, Jena, Bryan & Katy and Sean "Tango" Brown. Her sister Caroline is just an awesome person and she keeps this culinary diary that would make most chef's envious for sure. We had this simple Mexican corn dish that was so yummy that I couldn't help but pig out.

Damn, this post is really getting long. I haven't even mentioned anything about leaving for San Francisco on Friday or planning a trip to France or the odd coincidences of the day. Guess I'll get to that later. Stay with me....

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