Thursday, April 16, 2015

We are Humbled

Over the course of the past several weeks friends have asked us how they could help with our ongoing personal disaster involving our house. Due to some complications and exclusions in our homeowners insurance agreement, we are faced with a little over $50,000.00 in out of pocket repair/restoration costs.

Our patent answer was the same, "we're fine, We are still eating three meals a day, the kids are still doing their thing, we have a roof over our heads...we'll get through this". One dear friend suggested we set up a site where people could donate to us if they wanted to help. No thanks was our answer, there are plenty of others who need more help.

Then I had a conversation with my good friend Russ, who was the victim of a senseless attack in downtown Missoula that resulted in multiple hospital stays, a severe head injury, cracked teeth, and loads of rehab. One of Russ' friends set up a site for him and together his friends donated a significant amount of money to help defray his large out of pocket healthcare costs. He relayed some of the same feelings I had when this idea came was a little embarrassing and uncomfortable and it seemed like others needed much more help than we need. I am charitable, but have never needed charity myself (well not entirely true...there were the lean years when I relied an awful lot on my friends for meals and my family for the same and more!) But Russ said in retrospect it was a blessing...people want to help, and frankly he needed it and I guess so do we.

So we said go for it to Kristin incredible friend who is family.  Kristen set up a site for us on Monday and we have almost $4,000.00 donated. We are extremely humbled and grateful to everyone who has helped, monetarily or otherwise.
O'Connor's Home Disaster Fund