Sunday, May 09, 2004

I am now entering a dangerous stage of my blogging life...I snuck over to the AUA Web Station and am posting online in real time. Freaky and crazy all at the same time! This portion of the conference is the "main" portion, where the over 15,000 attendees gather at the hub to go through the massive exhibit hall and high-tech message center (seriously, all you techie geeks would be in heaven...the use of technology to identify attendee's, allow attendees to interact with each other, vendors, exhibitors, presenters and just about everyone else is unbelievable).

Anyway, as I've said numerous times now, San Francisco is a real treat and this conference is the pinnacle of these types of events. I'm spending my afternoon cruising the exhibit hall to identify vendors I want to meet with and those I want to bring Karl & Rick in to meet. From a business perspective, I love this sort of thing...and the "deals" can be struck here that you can't strike in another setting. SSo, we're looking at EMR (Electronic Medical Records which you will all be hearing more and more about in the future), new practice management software, Urodynamics machines, clinical trials opportunities and loads of other stuff to help us prepare for the future and offer our patients the best medicine and experience they can find.

The day today has been wonderful. I bought some art at Union Square and have been on cloud 9 ever since. The people you see in San Francisco are cool, wild, eclectic, crazy, beautiful and unique. It's a very international town. Sunny, if you are reading this...YOU WOULD LOVE SAN FRAN. You need to come visit me and we'll go here together.

Unfortunately, I won't get to see Trina tonight for the Shrek II wrap-up party: I thought the party was on Friday but it is tonight and I already have plans to go to the big Urology event at Pac-Bell stadium. More on that later.
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