Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Car Wash Gone Bad

I keep sticking events and stories into a compartment in my mind with the intent to post more often. That compartment is getting pretty full!
Last night I left the office a little early to make a deposit at the bank and run an errand for my Ultimate team. It was about ten 'till 5:00 PM and so rather than going back to the office I decided to pick Liam up and get 30 minutes of solo Daddy-Liam time in. He was pretty cute when I picked him up from daycare, he already had his little backpack on and was waiting at the door, blanket in hand. After we got loaded I said, "Hey Liam, want to help Daddy wash his car?" to which he replied "sure". Did I mention the boy is cute? So we headed to the ancient self-serve at the bottom of the hill. After some negotiations it was determined that he would remain in the car so he could see the water and soap from the inside (shrewd negotiations on my part). I loaded the coins in and got my 5 minutes. Being a savvy veteran of the self-serve, I avoided the foam spray and went straight to the brush after wetting the car down. Somewhere along the way, Liam decided he wanted to help, so he wriggled his upper straps of the car seat down to his waist, leaned over and opened his door and began shouting, "Daddy, I want to help now". So I ran around the car, released him from his seat and got him out to help. He wanted to spray so I stood behind him and wrapped my arms around his and helped him work the spray gun. Simple enough, mission accomplished and off he went to stomp in a puddle.
Several minutes later while I was applying the "wax" coat, Liam popped back over and asked if he could spray again. He proudly announced that he wanted to do it himself and so I stood behind him, leaning over him and getting my arms ready to help him. He took the gun (those things are fairly big and heavy for a22 month-old) and the tip immediately dropped to the ground. As I started to move to help him, he squeezed the trigger with both hands, the nozzle shot straight up and an intense blast of water nailed me...right in the eye and sent my flying backwards on my ass. I immediately jumped up to see the nozzle and gun flying all over with Liam attached to it. It was comedic in the least. After wrangling the gun away and making sure 1. my eyeball was still in place and 2. my glasses weren't broken, I looked at Liam and he said, "Daddy, that was funny". All the anger that had been building in those few seconds immediately left and we both laughed.
Funny indeed.