Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Wheels On the Bus...

Day three of riding the Mountain Line bus and I had my first foul up, learning my first lesson in bus riding...don't try to beat the system!  Smarter people then me figured out the routes and I need to follow them. I tried to jump off route 12, walk 4 blocks and catch route 6 to beat the 12 bus to the transfer station. Only I looked at the wrong line on the route map. So I walked 4 more blocks and caught the U Dash bus to campus and got back on track. My move cost me 30 minutes.
Why am I taking the bus? Beyond wanting to support public transportation and Mountain Line being zero fare, we have no working go car at the moment.  Our van is in Coeur d'Alene after it took the brunt of the elk collision and two days ago my car went kaput. We have to either get a new head gasket or drop in a refurbished engine and considering our budget is in shambles, not looking forward to either option.
Maybe we'll move to Australia! (Reference to kids book and movie intended).  I am loving the bus and my bike, maybe this will be a good start to not using my car...ever!