Thursday, April 29, 2004's 2:10 PM MST and I am in no way ready for my meeting. The only reason I am posting right now is I am waiting for my database query to run so I can attempt once more to have some evidence to present to the people we're meeting with. No need to bore you with the details on how one of our hospitals is trying to pull an end run on us and bring in another Urologist or on my plans to avert it...let's just say that all my plans will be for naught unless I can get these flipping reports to print right. Ever heard of the saying, "Garbage in, garbage out"? well that's what I am dealing with. If I run the report from our patient accounting system one way it shows me a totally different total of patients referred, procedures performed, $$ generated and everything else than if I run it from a different screen. Arghhhhh, we need an in-house fricking techie....

Oh, sorry, you don't all know exactly what I do, do you? I spend part of my life as the Practice Manager for a group of Urologists here in Missoula. Our group is called Five Valleys Urology (we've branded ourselves quite well since forming last June, thank you very much) and we are the largest group of Urologists in western Montana. Truth be told, there are only three MD's but they are all great surgeons as well as awesome people.

Off to run some more reports before hopping into the car for a drive up the Flathead Valley on this beautiful Thursday.

Oh, go listen to radio hopedaddy, will ya?
I had to post about this. Did you happen to hear about the boy scouts rescue of an abondoned recreational diver? Here it is, straight from CNN:

Forgotten diver saved by Boy Scout
'I don't want to die'
Thursday, April 29, 2004 Posted: 9:10 AM EDT (1310 GMT)

NEWPORT BEACH, California (AP) -- A recreational diver forgotten at sea by a boat crew drifted five hours and prayed for his life before a Boy Scout on an excursion aboard a century-old ship spotted him.

Dan Carlock, 45, was left by his diving group Sunday as he drifted for hours about seven miles offshore.

He noted the time of day on his small, waterproof writing slate and took photographs of himself to document that he'd made it to the surface.

Carlock, a former Boy Scout, recalled his survival manual: Stay calm. Think methodically. Still, he worried about how his parents would react to his death.

He said he prayed "God, I don't want to die," and "I want to be saved. I need your help."

The spacecraft engineer for Boeing Satellite Systems and three dive buddies entered the water at about 8:45 a.m. Sunday, but Carlock had problems equalizing the pressure in his ears and he fell behind. He tried following his partners' bubbles, but he lost them.

He decided to end the dive after 15 minutes, but he was 400 feet down current from an oil platform where the boat was anchored. He blew his whistle to attract attention.

"I figured when the dive was over they would realize I was missing and come looking for me," Carlock said.

But they never came. The boat left and headed for a shipwreck six miles southeast of the entrance to the Port of Los Angeles, said Coast Guard Petty Officer Collin Croft.

Five hours later, crew trainee Zack Mayberry, 15, stood watch on the stern of the tall ship Argus, which was full of Boy Scouts. The ship had changed course because of heavy fog.

Mayberry saw something in the water and grabbed his binoculars: About 150 yards away, Carlock's head was sticking out of the water. Mayberry handed the binoculars to a friend.

"I wanted to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me," Mayberry said.

The San Diego Boy Scout troop had drilled the rescue procedure the previous day and the rescue operation began. A small motorboat was sent to pluck Carlock from the sea and he was brought aboard.

Coast Guard officials Tuesday said they were investigating why Carlock was left behind, then not reported missing until his group reached the second dive location at 12:03 p.m.

The Coast Guard, recreational diving instructors, Long Beach lifeguards and Los Angeles City Fire Department personnel searched for Carlock near the second dive location until learning of the rescue.

Ocean Adventures Dive Co. owner Steve Ladd said he was trying to figure out what happened.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Unbelievable! Yesterday it was in the upper '70s (that's about 26C for you other folks) here in Missoula and this morning I awoke to snow. At first I thought it might have been the pain pill I took last night but after slapping myself and re-focusing I realized it really was snow. Enough stuck up high that the mountains around Missoula are once again white capped.

I feel much better today, thanks to the Prednisone and a good nights sleep. Tonight is the Ultimate league and unfortunately for our team, three of our most experienced players (including myself) are sidelined. It will be a cold, windy night so we should expect a lot of zone defense.

in just two days my folks will get to meet the lovely Ms. Annie Weissman which is both exciting and the source of some anxiety (no offense to the lovely Ms. Annie if she is reading this post). I think I can count on my hands the number of girls who've met my parents past high school...starting with Ela Aktay I believe and my anxiety comes from the fact that we all know I'm still single. Not that my family caused any of those relationships to go south but there is a common theme here....Johnny O meets woman, woman digs Johnny O for his curiousness and unique style...Occasionally Johnny O freaks and runs away from woman (sorry Traci, I'm glad you forgave me and are still my friend) but more often woman suddenly realizes Johnny O's quirkiness is not so cool and his style is [fill in appropriate disparaging remark here] and so woman dumps Johnny O. But Annie has perservered and is not one to be taken lightly. We'll see how she handles the O'Connor mash-up and I'll even try to throw in some of my Indy friends to keep her off balance.

I got a great email today from the very cool Mark Need regarding Joe Henry, a musician we both dig. My mention of Joe sparked some good memories for Mark, especially about seeing Joe in Bloomington, Indiana with another friend of ours Lou...those moments where you can connect with an artist in a live setting are truly memorable.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yesterday I said I was starting to feel sick, well last night it got worse. I couldn't sleep because I developed this crazy pain on my right side that felt like it was generated from inside my rib cage. As the night went on the pain got worse and I finally just got up...Much to my surprise I could hardly move. If you've ever had broken ribs, this is the feeling I had. I got an appointment to see my Pulmonologist, Rich Sellman and he was very worried. His initial fear was that I had something called a pneuumo-thoracic, which is an air bubble in the lungs lining. Luckily the x-ray revealed I did not have this bubble; had the x-ray come back positive I would have been admitted to the hospital and gotten a chest tube. Anyhow, what I do have is some pretty nasty inflammation in my lungs so I'm on Prednisone and some light pain killers.

I came home early from work, plopped in a pill and have been relaxing on the couch since then. 24 is on just now, a nighttime soap here in the USA that I'm hooked on and it's really getting juicy. For some reason I'm able to suspend the logic and requirements for some sort of reality I put on other television programs and just enjoy 24.

Have you heard about the new contest David Bowie is running? You can find it on his website David He, in conjunction with Audi, is giving away a new Audi sports car, for the best mash-up. What's a mash-up? It's when you take parts of one song and mix them with another. It could be words or music or both all "mashed up". So you can go to his site, download songs from his latest album and then mix and mash them with whatever you want. Then you submit it back to the site where other fans can download your mashup and vote for the best one. Cool concept.

Don't forget to visit the links I've put up because I plan to update them regularly. For now, I love Sunny's site (I think it is a Korean blog) and Trina's photography. I also dig the cism's a great place to learn about new music.

Monday, April 26, 2004

uh oh, I have that familiar scratchy feeling in the back of my throat and some slight nausea. This generally means one thing, a chest infection. In retrospect, I should have worn a mask when cleaning in the garage and down in the basement. I think I inhaled a ton of dust, cob webs and airborne pest poop particles from the garage. I better start right away on one of the sundry of elixers I have for such events. Damn lungs.

I also spent a couple of hours in the dentist chair today, under the gentle care of one Lori Aleksic Westenfelder, DDS. Lori is replacing a crown that is just not quite right. Yes, it's true; the secret is out...I have cavaties. Lori had to give me such extra juice so I spent a good portion of the day numb on the left side of my face. I now have a temporary crown while my real one is being made.

Only four more days until I get to go home for a visit! Yippee. I'll be back in Indianapolis from April 30th to May 3rd. I'll get to meet Caroline and Stu, Annie's sister & brother in-law and she'll get to meet my family. Should be loads of fun.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

It's been a busy Earth day weekend out here in Missoula. Yesterday morning I spent 4 hours floating the Clark fork River in a drift boat, starting just east of town and ending just west of downtown Missoula. I was with my friends Karl, Daniel (the boat is his father's and is generally used for fly fishing), Trent (Trent was our team leader and heads the Missoula Whitewater Association) and his three-year old daughter Alysse. We were participating in a big cleanup effort for the Clark Fork River.
We pulled out a shopping cart, a bike, parts of a motorcycle, the springs from an old car backseat and about 8 big bags of other trash. There were over 100 other people walking the banks and by the end we had a massive amount of garbage. It's hard to believe we could get all that trash; but what is even more shocking is that 50 years ago the river ran orange at times caused by toxins from mining in Butte.
It was an awesome day...I spent the afternoon working in my yard, cleaning out the tulip beds, weeding the snow on the mountains that surrounds my front porch, cutting the grass and making the place spiffy.
Last night I went to a fund raiser for the Missoula international School. There was both a silent and live auction, a nice dinner and then a Latin band. Fancy, very fanc-e-e-e-e.
I came home and decided to flip on the boob tube before hitting the rack and, much to m delight, Beck was on Austin City Limits and he was backed up by The Flaming Lips. now THAT was a great way to end the night.
Today I painted my basement and then went to Barnes & Noble and picked up "Instant Conversational French" so I can freshen up my French in advance of my trip to FRANCE in June for Gildas' wedding. Yippee.

Friday, April 23, 2004

What a week. It is simply beautiful here and I'm super busy in all aspects of my life so I have no time to be anything other than happy. Work is busy, but the non-work activities are what's really keeping me hopping. I'm too occupied by Ultimate pickup games, the Ultimate League, the fund raiser for Brennan's Wave, the planning meeting for RATPOD, working on my House and watching the Pacers beat Boston to worry about anything else.

Today I did another radio advertisement for our office. This is my third radio spot and I'm really enjoying learning more about radio. I always wanted to be a dj and was encouraged by the comment from the General Manager for Clear Channel who told me I could have a job with them if I was ever fired (I guess that's a compliment) because I had a natural radio voice. I got to eat lunch with the very pregnant Kristen Opsum Hollingsworth, definitely the cutest Norwegian I've ever met. She's super funny and super preggo, so I got to hear all about what foods do what to her system and all her theories on babies. My theory is that expectant Mothers become incredible experts on everything baby through divine intervention.

Tonight is more Ultimate under the shadow of Mount Sentinel, some beer from Bayern (alas, I am currently boycotting the Kettle House) and some Pacers basketball.

More later, except to say that if you haven't checked out Weed's music blog...well, you ain't lived yet.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Not much time to write today....I have a seminar all day. I'm super tired this morning because of our Spring Ultimate League game last night. We played probably the best tema in the league and were down 4-9 before storming back to win 13-11 and night fell. It was super fun. Afterwards we all went over to the Iron Horse for the weekly awards and libations.

I'll try to blog more later.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

So, I reconnected with Hunter tonight. He called me from his office in New York. I hadn't heard from him in over 2 years and my message on his home machine mid-morning on 9/11 was never answered. It was great to talk to him again and he is doing well.
Hunter Lipton is an amazing human being whom I hadn't talked to in over two years. I think he's still mad at me for not going into business with him in 2000 and, knowing Hunter as I do, had I done so my life would be much different now. Anyway, I met Hunter in 1992 (I think) at the American Physical Therapy Association's national convention in Denver, Colorado. He was setting up a booth in the exhibitor's hall and I helped him. We became quick friends. Hunter built and sold a therapy staffing business then made some smart business moves with the ensuing stock. He retired at a young age to Aspen, lived the good life for a bit, moved back to New York City and has since helped start a company, try a few other ventures and is now married, with an 8-month old Son named Holden and is breaking ground on a real estate development in NYC. Still an amazing person.

I think I'm lucky like that...some people are blessed with humility, some with business acumen but I'm blessed with having all sorts of friends all over the World. That is a satisfaction in my life, my friendships.
hopedaddy Check this site out. From my very cool music friend, Weed.
It's another cold Spring morning here in the northern Rockies. We're getting some rain and,even though I've only been out here for two summers I already know we want all the rain we can get right now because as Spring turns into Summer and summer turns into fire season, we're going to need all the water we can muster.

This past weekend I spent a majority of my time working on my yard. It was nice not to be traveling or otherwise committed. I'm turning into my parents when it comes to my love of working in the yard. My front flower beds are really coming on and all the flowers, grasses and other plants my Mom put in last summer are springing to life.

Last night I went over to help Phil Gardner move a massive "playhouse" from his old home up in the Rattlesnake. I got to meet the new owners, Richard and Tracy Manning. Dick is a renowned author and Tracy runs the Clark Fork Coalition. Pretty amazing people. Here are some books by Dick, Richard Manning Books at Barnes & Noble and more about the Clark Fork Coalition Clark Fork Coalition Website.They are taking out all the grass and replacing it with native grasses and other plants, which I think is super cool but I wonder what their neighbors will say.

Annie and I (have I mentioned Annie yet? No? Oh, I'll have to post all about Annie later) are busy planning our trip to France. We're going to the wedding of Gildas Plouhinec. Gildas is the brother of Gwenaelle Plouhinec Roscoe (what's that you ask? Who is Gwen? Oh, I'll have to post about her too) and stayed with me for a brief time when he first came to the States. It should be an amazing adventure, this wedding. Flights to France are unbelievably expensive so we're looking at possibly flying to London and driving the Chunnel or Brussel or Zurich or somewhere else and driving. We'll see. Unfortunately, this trip to France will delay my dreams of returning to Thailand to see Pete and meet Kung & Far (I know, I'll post about Pete later as well) or to Korea to meet my oh so cool pen pal Sunha "Sunny" Hwang (yes, I promise you'll hear all about Sunny in the future).

For now, it's back to work. I'll post more when the urge and time strike

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Cool day here in Missoula, I'm watching two dogs (Sarah & Sydney) and plan on some yard work, a local nursery is having a scratch and dent sale so I got some scratches and dents to put out front with my other perinneals ....AFTER the Pacers take it to the Celtics in game 1. Go Pacers!
Mmmmm, Ultimate frisbee. Last night was a beautiful night here in Missoula. A little crisp, but once the blood got flowing it was a sweet night for some Missoula pick-up Ultimate. I really miss all my Ultimate friends back in Indy, and the Friday night pickup games, but I'm super lucky to be living in a little town that has a large Ultimate contingent... and one that is full of elite players.
Last night, as the sun started it's descent behind the mountains, I got to play Ultimate with the likes of Markie Mark (Trigger), Will Sutton (Donner Party), Dana Green (Donner, Trigger) and Michael Faris (Trigger, Kavu). Will is getting into shape for worlds in Finland, but the rest of the crew (I think there were about 25 people out last night, including the future stud Robin who is only 15 now) played at intensity levels ranging from medium to low. It was great to watch the sky turn purple as the sun sat and just hang out on the sidelines. Very Nice.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I've gone and done it. This is it, my own blog. After lightening my bank account yesterday by paying the man, the blood has all rushed to my head, thus the creation of the blog. I hope to use this site a s a way to get some of those thoughts from my brain onto paper. Perhaps you'll be interested in some of them. Welcome to my mind: Lifesize