Saturday, May 08, 2004

I wrote this yesterday, while sitting on a plane.....

We just passed over Salmon, Idaho on our way down to Salt Lake City. This morning was a breeze; up and at the office by 6:15 I managed to get all my work done (or at least the work I set out to do), get the tax payments taken care of, design a flyer for our nurses upcoming incontinence seminar (woo-hoo!, as Homer Simpson would say) and burn a sweet "San Francisco 04" CD for the road. I put some David Bowie, Merle Haggard, The Police, Modest Mouse, Lefty Drizzell, The La's, Los Lobos, Joe Henry, Lambchop, Lee Scratch Perry, Aretha Franklin, Bootsy Collins, Tosca, the New Cajun All-Stars and a few other surprises on the disc, so I should be good to go in my hotel room.

Anyway, I walked out of the office at 9:45 AM, my co-worker Melanie picked me up at m house at 9:50 AM and we got to the airport at 10:00 AM (ahh, that is an advantage to living in a small town). I checked in, got an exit seat confirmed all the way through to San Fran and still had time to call Phil (set our lineup Phil), Rick and Annie (found a great travel site at Travel Secrets.

The skies are so clear I can see much farther than normal. The sun is shining, the air is smooth and the flight is pretty perfect, except for the dude across from me who is using some PDA looking device from the New York Times that beeps every flipping time he does whatever the hell it is he is doing over there, which is about every other second! I'm guessing it is a crossword puzzle thing-a-ma-bob but I'm about 5 seconds away from going postal on that little box. It is truly bugging the hell out of me.

I'm looking out the window at the circular agricultural fields that are so common out here: Back in Indiana everything is planted in big long rectangles, but out here, where almost all crops need to be watered constantly through irrigation systems, the fields are round and it looks pretty bizarre from the air.

I'm sneaking a peek at the guy in front of me (through the gap in the seats, a favorite trick of mine) because he has a sweet iMac with some program called AppleWorks. It looks like he is designing either a webpage or a newsletter on littlerivermusic (note to self, when on solid ground and connected again, look up or Charles David Denler). He is typing an article about some Emmy for outstanding achievement in Music that he won. Hmm, maybe I should try to talk to this guy.

Oh, I just realized the guy behind me is doing to me the same thing I am doing to this Charles fellow in front of me; I just busted him doing the gap look.
What else? The woman across from the guy in front of me (are you following me here?) is engrossed in her Danielle Steele novel. She's put together pretty well and dressed nicely but I'm wondering if she ever has any regrets about thtattooederfly tattoed to her hand, between her thumb and index finger. In front of her is a couple, the man looking to be a good 20 years older than the woman next to him but they are indeed a couple! Go Dude go.

Sheeeeeeaaaaatttt, we"re flying over the great Salt Lake so it is time to shut down for now. More later.

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