Sunday, March 01, 2009

Washington DC Day 5

Our last day in DC was a blast. We ate breakfast inside Union Station and then made our way to the offices of Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) where we had an early morning appointment for a private tour of the Capitol! Although a stunning (and extremely expensive) new visitor's center recently opened, I'd opted for contacting the Senator's office to see about the private tour. It was fantastic. Our guide was a young staffer from Wisconsin and he was excellent. Getting to bypass all the lines, and the crowds was really amazing and Brian 9our guide) did a great job filling us in on all the trivia and historical events.
After the tour we decided to unwind from our hectic schedule and made our way over to the National Botanical Gardens...simply amazing and beautiful and like everything else, FREE. Just the smell of the place helped relax us and ease tension.
I know we experienced the nice side of our nation's capitol, even so we both loved our trip. I'll come back and fill in these last two posts.