Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yesterday I said I was starting to feel sick, well last night it got worse. I couldn't sleep because I developed this crazy pain on my right side that felt like it was generated from inside my rib cage. As the night went on the pain got worse and I finally just got up...Much to my surprise I could hardly move. If you've ever had broken ribs, this is the feeling I had. I got an appointment to see my Pulmonologist, Rich Sellman and he was very worried. His initial fear was that I had something called a pneuumo-thoracic, which is an air bubble in the lungs lining. Luckily the x-ray revealed I did not have this bubble; had the x-ray come back positive I would have been admitted to the hospital and gotten a chest tube. Anyhow, what I do have is some pretty nasty inflammation in my lungs so I'm on Prednisone and some light pain killers.

I came home early from work, plopped in a pill and have been relaxing on the couch since then. 24 is on just now, a nighttime soap here in the USA that I'm hooked on and it's really getting juicy. For some reason I'm able to suspend the logic and requirements for some sort of reality I put on other television programs and just enjoy 24.

Have you heard about the new contest David Bowie is running? You can find it on his website David Bowie.com. He, in conjunction with Audi, is giving away a new Audi sports car, for the best mash-up. What's a mash-up? It's when you take parts of one song and mix them with another. It could be words or music or both all "mashed up". So you can go to his site, download songs from his latest album and then mix and mash them with whatever you want. Then you submit it back to the site where other fans can download your mashup and vote for the best one. Cool concept.

Don't forget to visit the links I've put up because I plan to update them regularly. For now, I love Sunny's site (I think it is a Korean blog) and Trina's photography. I also dig the cism site...it's a great place to learn about new music.
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