Thursday, April 29, 2004's 2:10 PM MST and I am in no way ready for my meeting. The only reason I am posting right now is I am waiting for my database query to run so I can attempt once more to have some evidence to present to the people we're meeting with. No need to bore you with the details on how one of our hospitals is trying to pull an end run on us and bring in another Urologist or on my plans to avert it...let's just say that all my plans will be for naught unless I can get these flipping reports to print right. Ever heard of the saying, "Garbage in, garbage out"? well that's what I am dealing with. If I run the report from our patient accounting system one way it shows me a totally different total of patients referred, procedures performed, $$ generated and everything else than if I run it from a different screen. Arghhhhh, we need an in-house fricking techie....

Oh, sorry, you don't all know exactly what I do, do you? I spend part of my life as the Practice Manager for a group of Urologists here in Missoula. Our group is called Five Valleys Urology (we've branded ourselves quite well since forming last June, thank you very much) and we are the largest group of Urologists in western Montana. Truth be told, there are only three MD's but they are all great surgeons as well as awesome people.

Off to run some more reports before hopping into the car for a drive up the Flathead Valley on this beautiful Thursday.

Oh, go listen to radio hopedaddy, will ya?
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