Sunday, April 25, 2004

It's been a busy Earth day weekend out here in Missoula. Yesterday morning I spent 4 hours floating the Clark fork River in a drift boat, starting just east of town and ending just west of downtown Missoula. I was with my friends Karl, Daniel (the boat is his father's and is generally used for fly fishing), Trent (Trent was our team leader and heads the Missoula Whitewater Association) and his three-year old daughter Alysse. We were participating in a big cleanup effort for the Clark Fork River.
We pulled out a shopping cart, a bike, parts of a motorcycle, the springs from an old car backseat and about 8 big bags of other trash. There were over 100 other people walking the banks and by the end we had a massive amount of garbage. It's hard to believe we could get all that trash; but what is even more shocking is that 50 years ago the river ran orange at times caused by toxins from mining in Butte.
It was an awesome day...I spent the afternoon working in my yard, cleaning out the tulip beds, weeding the snow on the mountains that surrounds my front porch, cutting the grass and making the place spiffy.
Last night I went to a fund raiser for the Missoula international School. There was both a silent and live auction, a nice dinner and then a Latin band. Fancy, very fanc-e-e-e-e.
I came home and decided to flip on the boob tube before hitting the rack and, much to m delight, Beck was on Austin City Limits and he was backed up by The Flaming Lips. now THAT was a great way to end the night.
Today I painted my basement and then went to Barnes & Noble and picked up "Instant Conversational French" so I can freshen up my French in advance of my trip to FRANCE in June for Gildas' wedding. Yippee.
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