Saturday, April 17, 2004

Mmmmm, Ultimate frisbee. Last night was a beautiful night here in Missoula. A little crisp, but once the blood got flowing it was a sweet night for some Missoula pick-up Ultimate. I really miss all my Ultimate friends back in Indy, and the Friday night pickup games, but I'm super lucky to be living in a little town that has a large Ultimate contingent... and one that is full of elite players.
Last night, as the sun started it's descent behind the mountains, I got to play Ultimate with the likes of Markie Mark (Trigger), Will Sutton (Donner Party), Dana Green (Donner, Trigger) and Michael Faris (Trigger, Kavu). Will is getting into shape for worlds in Finland, but the rest of the crew (I think there were about 25 people out last night, including the future stud Robin who is only 15 now) played at intensity levels ranging from medium to low. It was great to watch the sky turn purple as the sun sat and just hang out on the sidelines. Very Nice.
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