Friday, April 23, 2004

What a week. It is simply beautiful here and I'm super busy in all aspects of my life so I have no time to be anything other than happy. Work is busy, but the non-work activities are what's really keeping me hopping. I'm too occupied by Ultimate pickup games, the Ultimate League, the fund raiser for Brennan's Wave, the planning meeting for RATPOD, working on my House and watching the Pacers beat Boston to worry about anything else.

Today I did another radio advertisement for our office. This is my third radio spot and I'm really enjoying learning more about radio. I always wanted to be a dj and was encouraged by the comment from the General Manager for Clear Channel who told me I could have a job with them if I was ever fired (I guess that's a compliment) because I had a natural radio voice. I got to eat lunch with the very pregnant Kristen Opsum Hollingsworth, definitely the cutest Norwegian I've ever met. She's super funny and super preggo, so I got to hear all about what foods do what to her system and all her theories on babies. My theory is that expectant Mothers become incredible experts on everything baby through divine intervention.

Tonight is more Ultimate under the shadow of Mount Sentinel, some beer from Bayern (alas, I am currently boycotting the Kettle House) and some Pacers basketball.

More later, except to say that if you haven't checked out Weed's music blog...well, you ain't lived yet.
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