Thursday, June 10, 2004

What a wonderful 'Sunny' Day

I have been super busy this week, with a tremendous workload to wade through. Lots of little projects to complete, meetings to set up and two meetings that lasted until past 11:00 PM, so it was a totally wonderful surprise to chat with my friend Sunha (Sunny) this morning. Sunny was in her computer lab, on the campus of Sungkyunkwan University, helping a friend complete a paper in English (I can't even imagine how I would've dealt with having to complete all my papers in English and then in, say, Spanish).

Sunny is just, well, sunny. Just look at her!

I was first introduced to her by another Korean girl named Kiki (actually her name is Kyeonghee), who I met back in Indianapolis. Kiki was taking ESL courses at Butler University and she lived in the same house as a Brazilian girl (Graziella) whom I met because she needed help with her Visa...BUT I DIGRESS. Kiki was someone I liked instantly and so I spent some time showing her Indianapolis and generally making sure she didn't leave Indiana with the impression that everyone was fat, lazy, ate nothing but corn and generally was odd. When Kiki returned to Korea we kept in touch via email and then through chatting. One day she said she had a friend who was learning English and wanted to know if I would be willing to chat with her too. Thus I met Sunny.

Sunny sent me a nice gift at Christmas time. She neglected to tell me it was more of a traditional gift and that people don't really "eat" all the colored cakes (which looked like rice krispies treats but tasted pretty awful). Only after choking a few down did I finally tell her they tasted funny. "We don't really eat those", she replied. Nice. We've exchanged care packages and letters. She is a great pen pal. I wish I could go visit her and hope to do that some day.

It really made my whole day to get to chat with her and find out about her job search and her social life. She's also a great photographer and she shared some new pictures with me today. She has a website, but it is all in Korean and pretty hard to navigate. If you want to visit her, clickhere.

Now it's time for me to wrap up my planning for France. I leave in 6 days and can't believe it. I still don't have the hotels arranged or any other details. Plus, I've got to get a team together for the 1st annual Sandpoint, Idaho Ultimate tournament, happening a week after I get back. Not to mention finalizing the planning for the vacation to Michigan in July I am in charge of (only about 40 people counting on me for that one, no pressure).
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