Friday, June 04, 2004

Pat & Caroline reach number 13

I was talking with my friend Pat Gallagher today via email. He's headed for London to meet up with his wife, Caroline and their two boys, Patrick and Michael. Pat and I went to Purdue together and are fraternity brothers. I was browsing my calendar and remembered their anniversary was this week. "How many years?", I asked...lucky number 13. It's hard to believe it has been 13 years since we all almost wrecked Wheaton, Illinois in one night. How many people did we have in that bath tub anyway? Oh and Caroline's mother (poor thing had a room right next to the action) was as patient as she could be, but the look on her face when she came in the room at about 3:00 AM is still burned into my mind. Priceless.

Anyway, Pat and I used to exchange mixed cassette's of music we thought each other would like...Pat introduced me to many bands and musicians and we've gone to a fair amount of live music shows over the past 20 plus years (holy smokes we're getting old). We've decided we want to start this up again, probably with CD's and maybe add a few others to our group. That sounds like fun.

It's about 85 degrees today in Missoula and I'm going to bug out of here and enjoy the evening. Some Ultimate, maybe a quick hike up into Water Works Park to check out the Bitterroot's (Montana State Flower) and then some relaxation. Tomorrow it's either off to visit Colin, Amber & Gillian at their cabin up the Seely-Swan valley or maybe a nice long bike ride. I missed heading out to Rock Creek to see Jon Shanower's place again...he'll be back in Chicago after tonight.

Maybe I'll jot a note later.
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