Thursday, June 03, 2004

And the winner is...The Flycoons

I know, it's been almost 5 days since I've posted and you must just be itching for Johnny O news. Well first off, the Ultimate team I played on at Bozofest last weekend, the Flycoons, WON THE TOURNEY! Damn, it figures, I didn't play on Sunday and they won. Now I'll spend the rest of my days wondering if they would have still won had I played? If you follow the logic from the German movie Run, Lola, Run (you know, every human interaction changes the course of all life) the answer is maybe they would not have won, but then again maybe I would've just spent my Sunday being happy rather than feeling like a cad for leaving town.

But I digress. The team had an amazing day on Sunday, beating Denver's 2003 nationals qualifier DTL(Drive Thru Liquor) 15-3, Winnipeg's 2003 Canadian mixed champions Chaos 9-7 and stomping Edmonton's Psychoplastique 15-5 in the finals. The weather was still not anything to write home about, but the play was stellar and I'm lucky they let me drink out of Larry, the Bozo clown head trophy.

So this week I'm paying the price for another short week. Last night I got to play a little Ultimate before heading over to a marathon R.A.T.P.O.D. meeting. RATPOD is going to be so cool this year, as we've added bluegrass music to some of the food stops, an ice cream truck at the last stop and some kick ass BBQ after the event. It looks like we'll have 250 riders, pushing this ride to a new level. Until you are actually involved with organizing something like this, you just can't appreciate how much time, effort and people it takes to pull it off. I'm just a little cog but I sure am glad there are other folks helping because it is really hard. But it will be so worth it in the end and the ride will be incredible. What? You want a link? Here it is

News flash. My buddy Steve Hurst re-introduced me to Seattles KEPX today. With their fine streaming audio I am listening to some sweet old-timey country right now. Find them at KEPX

Tonight after work I zipped over to Missoula's Bonner Park to watch Nick & Alex Simmons along with Stella, Mabel & Lorraine Gardner perform in the Missoula International School's year-end program. It was cute. It was called walking through the Magic Door, or some such title. I still don't know why they don't call it the Missoula Spanish School, or at least why they don't stop talking about all these languages and cultures when the only other language they teach is Spanish. Oh well, it's a good start. I think Nick Simmons is going to be the lover and Alex is going to be the jock. Write it down, that's my prediction.

I'm now going to surf the web for funky, cheap, cool hotels in the French countryside. Wish me luck.
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