Saturday, June 12, 2004

Bruce Hornsby, Big Fish, lost friends, Paul Thorn and Long walks

So, according to, I've had over 400 visitors to my little corner of the web since April 23, 2004 (when the site was created). When I changed my skin I lost the html that shows the visitor counter, but I still get the reports. If you're visiting me one day and suddenly I have hit counters all over the place, you'll know I've been up to no good.

Today was a beautiful day here in Missoula and I spent most of it working outside and reflecting. Almost a year ago one of my good friends committed suicide and last night one of his very dear friends communicated her thoughts about him, his wife, his illness and caused me to do quite a bit of thinking today, thinking that continues to bang about my head even as I write tonight. Excuse me for not wanting to elaborate much right now, perhaps another night I will.

Mountain Stage is on PBS right now and the musicians are Paul Thorn and Bruce Hornsby. I hadn't heard of Thorn, but was intrigued when I saw he's been a factory worker, Pizza delivery guy and professional boxer (he fought Roberto Duran in the late '80s). He's fantastic, that's for sure. And he's from Tupelo, Mississippi and is the son of a southern preacher. Dude's got style. And Hornsby is a contradiction to me; He was unbelievable tonight, just jamming out.

I saw the movie Big Fish tonight for the first time. In the end I'd have to say it was a pretty powerful piece by Burton, quirky in his style but emotional and wonderful as a whole.

I intended to write much more tonight but I'm feeling a little melancholy suddenly, so I'll try to complete the task in the morning.
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