Sunday, August 08, 2004

Joining A Worldwide Political Chat

This has been a quiet weekend for me...lots of time alone and that has been nice. This morning I decided to check out the website of Al Jazeera, the Arab CNN (sort of anyway). The last time I looked at the site they still hadn't put up an English version, so I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find the site up in English, complete with advertisements. So I plugged through to a story about Sudan's foreign Minister claiming Israel was behind the conflict in Darfur (I couldn't help it) and to my delight I found the Al Jazeera provides a forum for comment: No registration required, no email address, just a box for comments.
And the comments are incredible. People from Iran, Spain, the UK, Belgium...all over the place. Check it out to see what people REALLY, REALLY think
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