Monday, August 09, 2004

The Fog of War

This film was done by Erroll is quite simply a masterpiece. My friends dave & Claire were the first to tell me about the movie early this year and I meant to see it before it left Missoula but never got a chance..I bought the movie last month and feel it is an extremely improtant work that should be required viewing for all politicians around the world. tonight I watched an 11/11/03 interview Robert McNamara and Erroll Morris did with Charlie Rose on the Charlie Rose Show, perhaps my favorite show on television. As his website states, the show is a place where you can listen to good conversation.

The Fog of War is a documentary retrospective of McNamara and his role in the history of the time, especially the US portion of the Vietnam War (Is that what the French called it for the 20 years they were involved?), the Cuban Missile Crisis and other decisions he made during his time as Secretary of Defense for both the Kennedy and Johnson adminstrations.

For anyone who wants to better understand history so we can all have a better future, I suggest you watch this movie. You will be amazed.
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