Monday, August 30, 2004

Even the French?

I have quite a bit to catch up on, like my trip to Jackson this past weekend, my romantic state of limbo and the passing of a dear family friend, but right now all I can think about is how really pissed off I am at these so-called insurgent groups in Iraq.
CNN reported today that a group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, is threatening to kill two French journalists it captured on August 21st. Now terror has been used in the world for a very long time, dating back as far as recorded history, but most modern historians feel the use of terror was resurrected in the modern era during the 1970's with hijackings, bombings and assassinations. The Japanese Red Army, various Palestinian groups, South America's Shining Path rebels and the SLA in America were most notorious.
Most people in the world today think of terror as something committed against westerners or western style countries (not discounting the Spaniards struggles with the Basque movement or the Columbian rebels terror tactics) and many of those people think it's justified...Iraq is a focal point. Looking at web chat groups from the rest of the world, the theme seems to be the American commit terror all the time and now they are getting what they deserve. But now the Islamic terror groups are really stooping to new lows and I just can't fathom how mainstream Muslims can tolerate it...there is definitely a faction of Muslims who believe in some made up fundamentalist dogma that makes them think Islam does not respect life, that they can kill and be rewarded in heaven and some truly believe another crusade is coming. This article from CNN shows how pointless they've become. France today emphasized the banning of all religious items from public schools, including the Muslim headscarf, the Jewish skullcap or large Christian Islamic group in Iraq kidnapped two French journalists and says they will kill them unless France lifts the ban and lets Muslim school girls where their headscarf's to school.
Are you shitting me? Are you serious? These people value life and other people so little that they would kill two people because the French government won't let Algerian emigrants wear a head scarf to their publicly funded schools? Schools the emigrants quite possibly have never pitched in to help pay for? It's mind-boggling to me that anyone would support such an action. Even French Muslim groups are condemning the action.
Any credibility these groups had before must surely be washing away.

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