Sunday, September 12, 2004

Well, This Explains quite A Bit

Late last night, while watching highlights from yesterday's college football games, I saw a commercial for an Internet dating service called eHarmony. Although I've played around with Internet match services in the past, it's not something I'd normally consider. But the combination of AW and I biting the dust (at least I think that's what happened, I'm still unclear on this), my emotions of the day and a spontaneous, "what the heck" that sort of popped into my head at the moment, I decided to visit the eHarmony site.

eHarmony touts itself as being the perfect way to find a match, using a 29 dimension profiling system to properly match people. I spent about an hour filling the thing out, almost quitting three or four times. But I battled through all the psychological profiling (you know, where you're asked the same thing 5 different times in a slightly different manner) and carefully read through the terms of the agreement before I pushed the submit button. Then I waited for eHarmony to pump out my matches. And I waited some more, and some more. There were none.

Now I didn't choose the option limiting my matches to my city, nor did I pick the one for limiting to my state...or even my country. I selected the "find my matches anywhere in the world" option and eHarmony had zero. Ouch! That explains quite a bit.

I guess it is me after all. Damn, that's cold.
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