Thursday, September 02, 2004

Holy Crap, Did George Bush just Speak Spanish?

What genius! What bravado. GW Bush is giving his convention speech right now and I'll be damned if he just didn't stammer through, "we will leave no child behind" in Spanish. That was pure genius. Now you may wonder just what the heck a fiscally conservative Democrat like me would be doing watching the RNC...I believe this is important, important to know what all (notice I didn't say both as I am also following Nader...sorry, the Libertarians lose me with some of their crazy gun ideas) sides think.

The RNC has been truly amazing...I cannot believe the bullshit flying out of the mouths of some of these speakers. Gov. Patacki tonight said the Bush inherited a recession...that is untrue [sidebar...GW just through out his first salvo for a pro-life, anti-gay, pro religion, right wing constitutionalist agenda and the crowd went crazy and now he's launching into his anti-Kerry bit].

This election will be incredibly close. The RNC has been tremendously effective, as Arnold the Terminator was simply fabulous and GW is pleasing his constituents.[Wow, demonstrators are interrupting Bush's speech. There have been two so far], They are effectively painting Kerry as a flip-flopper. I must admit, I'm impressed. It will be interesting to see how Kerry responds.
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