Thursday, July 15, 2004

The New

Oh man am I stoked. This morning I went to one of my favorite music websites, to do a search for the artists of a particular song and to my complete surprise the site was completely different. it has been tottally re-vamped and amped up with all kinds of advanced features making a guy like me practically explode with excitement. has been my #1 source for information about songs, artists and albuns for some time and I've always wished you could have some specific advanced search features, like being able to do a sub-search or narrow down a general search or drill down in the genre section. Well now you can! The site already had some great features, but now it's even better. They've added a ton of classical music content, added expanded artists & album information (credits, songs, charts & awards) and generally made my day.

You can now register with the site too and subscribe to specific newsletters and other email offerings. They've added 30 second music samples and a new feature allowing you to sort your search results.

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