Saturday, July 03, 2004

Mom's Touch

Last year I bought my first home. It took awhile and it was here in Missoula, not in Indianapolis where I lived my previous 38 years, but I finally did it and I've been putting my personal touches on this old house ever since. In september of last year, My Mom & Dad drove out to help me paint the house and work on the yard. We took a plain white house, with a crappy yard, and transformed it into one of the gems on the neighborhood. Dad was a huge help with painting the house transforming it into this while Mom and I hacked away an 8-foot wide swath of grass, hauled in a couple of truckloads of dirt and created a garden. Mom worked for almost three days planting, arranging and plotting out the groth of the garden. Well, my garden in now in full bloom and, thanks to Mom's touch, it is beautiful I love spending time in the garden and everytime I'm out there someone stops to tell me how nice my house and garden look. It makes me pretty happy and makes me smile, thinking of my folks and the TLC they put into my new house.

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