Friday, February 02, 2007

Show Your Colts Pride

Vote for the Colts

It is very strange to me that the Colts are actually in the Super Bowl. Indianapolis is never center stage. Except for the old days when the ABA Indiana Pacers were tops and the Indianapolis 500 was THE sporting event in the world, Indianapolis one claim to fame from a sporting perspective was the Pacers vs. Lakers blowout NBA finals. Although Butler University is enjoying great success (Hinkle Fieldhouse is still one of the best places to see a basketball game), Indianapolis has always been the red-headed step child to the sporting mecca of Chicago. So now here we are, against Chicago.

I really hope Indianapolis wins. Why? Well, they aren't a flashy team with star players (except for Manning) and they don't make headlines. No players are adting movie stars, no one is getting arrested (at least lately), nobody makes the headlines. On the whole, they are a humble lot and they aren't like many of the other players of this generation who are all about "me" and instant gratification. They've been plugging away, doing this the old fashioned way. Plus, their coach is the most humble man you'll meet, who has endured plenty of personal tragedy and who quietly rose through the ranks to become a true leader.

Go Colts!

I have more side bets with Bears fans than I've ever bet on anything in my entire life.
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