Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Mean Flower

This song, Mean Flower, by Joe Henry (from the Album Scar)has been dancing around in my head for days. So much of my idle mind has been filled with it that I had to make a new mixed CD with Mean Flower as the centerpiece. What a gut wrenching and beautiful song. I have to admit though, it's added to the mood of melancholy I've been in ever since the election ended and the skies over the Missoula Valley turned grey...if we see the sun in the valley again before March it will be marked with great joy.
The elections...yuck, yuck and yuck. We've probably all had enough talk about that but for me, it's not that I even liked Kerry that much, it's just that I don't like Bush at all. And my fears about what will come next are only heightened by the nomination today of Cond0leezza Rice to replace Colin Powell as the Secretary of State (SOS). I fear for the future, if her nomination is approved. Anyone who is a student of history, especially since the war of 1812, knows how important the SOS is...in some cases the SOS of the USA has been the most important person in behind the scenes wranglings to prevent war (Kissinger in the Middle East)and in sensitive diplomatic negotiations the public only finds out about much later, sometimes decades later. Can you imagine this woman, who refused to testify to the 9/11 panel, who then refused to testify under oath, who lied openly, who is a war hawk, who refused to meet with Richard Clark, who ignored intelligence reports on Iraq, who probably knew about the abuses at Abu Ghraib in December and countless other audacious acts...can you imagine this woman meeting with other heads of State? She is no diplomat...she has a twisted understanding of world history (she is supposedly an expert on Eastern European affairs...HAH!). She's a rich-ass (can you say board of Directors of Chevron, Charles Schwab, The Rand Corporation and J.P. Morgan????) Ph.D, toe the line war hawk who has no regard for the feelings of the electorate. What a travesty.

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