Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Heading Home for Thanksgiving

You may be wondering where I've been hiding the past few posts are becoming less frequent and not as full of juicy details. I've been a busy boy this , working more than usual trying to get 4 reviews completed and preparing for the holiday. I've also been stepping up my workouts, trying to speed up my conditioning so I can try a move to a different workout regimen being used by my friends John and Rick. It's called Crossfit and it's used by the military and police forces as a total body conditioning program. It is very difficult and challenging and to date I've only been able to do a few of the exercise with any degree of success. So I'm now working out daily and I've also started to change my diet to accompany the new regimen. I'm hoping my renewed focus on my physical condition will spill over and keep my mental condition positive. This is always a tough time of year for me, Winters onset (at this stage the theme is cold and grey) gets the doldrums rolling and then I start to think about my status as a single man with no family of my own and...well, it normally just goes downhill from there and is only snapped briefly by Christmas and then finally by the new year.
I am excited though about heading back to Indiana tomorrow for Thanksgiving. I fly out of Missoula at 8:00 AM and arrive via Minneapolis at 3:30 PM Indianapolis time. Today was a terrible travel day for the airlines, with winter storms causing delays all over the country. Apparently this is the busiest traveling season since 2000, so I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well tomorrow. I made a pumpkin roll, sort of a Thanksgiving Yule log, and stuck it in the freezer tonight, so it should be just fine to travel with me tomorrow (if they let it on the plane). Unfortunately I'll only be in Indianapolis for 36 hours...that's the only way I could afford the trip. But I'll make the most of it, visiting family and then friends on Friday. My friends Curt & Kathy Churchman have cabin in Brown County, a very beautiful and rustic part of Indiana about 2 hours south of my parents home; on Friday I'll head down there and get to see friends from NYC (Marsh & Alyssa), Boulder (Christy), Chicago (The Yaffe clan and Bruce) and other ex-pat Hoosiers along with the Indy Oligarchy...that should be loads of fun.
So I'll take a two day hiatus from my workouts and my nutritional plan to stuff my face with all the traditional foods our family has on Thanksgiving. Oh and beer...I haven't had any beer in two weeks but I do believe I will enjoy a few on Friday. Yippee.
Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving if your here in the States (or are an expat)and a great few days if you're one of my friends abroad.

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