Friday, December 23, 2011

Annual Music Dash

I've always loved music, always. I have strong memories of my childhood and some that stand out are of my Mom, driving the car and signing out loud an d"dancing" as she drove. She had this elaborate hand dance she did that made both me and my sister laugh. We didn't think she was a dork, we thought she was cool. At some point, I think around my college years, I started making "best of" lists and compilations. In college these were done on cassette tapes and I prided myself on my ability to make songs fade and blend together. My tapes were all titled, "Juicy John's Best of...". At some point the cassette's were dropped for mixed compact discs and I developed a whole network of like minded friends who would trade me their best of discs for mine. I guess I've been at this for 35 years or so, wow! Since the birth of my first son, Liam, the importance of always being ahead of the curve when it comes to music has diminished somewhat. I now find myself trying to cram a years worth of new hits into very short hits of free time. The end of December seems to be the time when I most try to seek out all the music I may have missed this past year. I'm in the process of creating my Best of 2011 compilations and I am pleased to say there was some great music created in 2011. Today, NPR is hitting me with their list of top 5 Groove songs, top 100 tracks of the year, and top 50 albums. I'm having quite the morning. Here's a sample:
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