Saturday, April 05, 2008

My 2.5 seconds of fame

This morning we headed down to the University of Montana to try and get into the Adams Center for Barack Obama's free Missoula rally. The Obama campaign announced the event on Wednesday night and decided to give away 8,000 tickets...all were gone by Thursday morning. So they added an additional 2,000 tickets, which were gone in another 2 hours! Yesterday they announced that after the Adams Center was full(first come first served), anyone wanting to could sit outdoors in the University football stadium. I would estimate there were 12-15,000 people there by 9:00 AM.
We stood in line with a group of friends (Nate, Markie, Daphne, Sarah, Alex, Russ, Julie) and wound our way across campus hoping to get in to the event. Suddenly a reporter asked Jen and I if we would mind answering some questions; I guess I talked for about two minutes. He asked me about why I came to the event, why I was excited, what it meant to Montana and things like that. Afterwards he mentioned he was with NBC Nightly News and to watch the news tonight and I might be on. I really didn't give it much thought after that.
We went inside and proceeded to be blown away by Barack's speech; he is charismatic that is for sure. He didn't use a script at all, he spoke passionately about education and restoring America's place as a respected nation. He did the usual political dance on jobs, healthcare and tax breaks...almost all politicians talk about "fixing" these problems. But I felt moved by his comments and he just may have finally won me over.
Afterwards, I got stopped again by a reporter, this time from ABC! He told me I'd be on the news there too...
Clinton comes tomorrow, maybe I'll becoome a professional sound bite.

Without further is my 2.5 seconds of fame.

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