Thursday, February 16, 2006


You know, I don't consider myself a pinko commie or bleeding heart liberal but I gotta say, I am so damned fed up with the way our country is being administered right now that I'm ready to start the no justice, no peace chant again (oops...I blew it. Yes, I did march on DC in April 1987 for peace and justice in Central America and south Africa). Our President has successfully eroded so many civil liberties that one could argue we aren't even really a democracy anymore.
And Cheney...what a lout. This business of him not letting anyone know about his shooting a fellow hunter for 24 hours and then controlling the release of information smacks of a complete disregard not only for the public but for the rule of law. But then again, the law doesn't mean much to Cheney, who consistently skirts rules and regulations for his and his fellow fat cats benefit (lets not forget the secret energy policy meetings attended by his buddies). I think it is ironic that President Bush's own memoirs talk of being open and up front with the public so they will like you when his vice President does nothing open or up front...he refuses to meet the press openly (his latest meeting with the Republican News Channels...errr....Fox news' Britt Hume was a complete joke...Britt should have just given him the blow job and been done with it)...he never meets the public and worst yet, he refuses to even admit he's human! Let's not forget it was Cheney and his lackeys who leaked Valerie Plumes name to get back at her husband. And worst of all, he and his understudies have encouraged an atmosphere of corruption in the Republican dominated Senate that is scurrilous ant best.
I can't wait to kick these SOB's and their corrupt and shameless party out of the White House.
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