Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Catching Up

It is unbelievable to me that I haven't posted since the end of March; I've started to post numerous times but found myself lacking the energy to write or ramble. I can't possibly write about everything and I doubt anyone would be interested in it even if I could. I'll make a feeble attempt to at least catch you up on the main high and low lights:

I just returned from a three day conference for work, the Montana chapter of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)...the significant event being I was elected to the leadership board. I also found out my presentations were accepted and I have now achieved the certification CMPE (Certified Medical Practice Executive)...whoa Nellie, I'm on fire now! Basically this means I have reached a certain level within the field of healthcare administration and I suppose I'm proud of that.

I've also been very busy with all my duties as a board member for the Missoula International School, a unique Spanish immersion school seeking IBO accreditation. I'm the chair of the personnel committee and that has been quite a learning experience and full of challenges. Several weeks ago the school had their annual fundraiser, a "Salsa ball" with a live and silent auction...it was a total blast and fun to interact with parents and the teachers, many of whom are from Latin and South America.

Last month I had a blast participating in the 3rd annual Clark Fork Coalition's Clark Fork River clean-up in downtown Missoula; I was a team leader and got to be on the river with my friends Jen, Karl, Trent (And his kids), Daniel, Jen and her son Cole hauling debris and litter out.

Also, earlier this month I had my first ever visitor outside of my family who came here just to see me and not to see a whole group of people. Brian Thinnes, who I've known for over 20 years, cam through for work and made a point of spending the night in Missoula. Our visit was way too short but super fun nonetheless. Brian is a great friend and a great person and I miss him and his family.

My puppy, Allie Taru, continues to grow and become a true companion...she can get under my skin with all her antics (like digging up my plants, chewing my eyeglasses, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, getting in the trash, etc.) but I love having her as part of my family.We go on hikes, play tug of war and visit her favorite store, Go Fetch, every week. Go Fetch is an awesome place...they love dogs...and they have an awesome doggie bakery. Allie likes the peanut butter treats.

Three weekends ago I headed over to Moscow, Idaho for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. It was the first year and the organizers struggled to get teams, but we had a blast and won the tourney. So this weekend I'll be heading to Bozeman, Montana for a big Ultimate tourney...the fourth one in a row I've attended; we won last year, the first time a team from Missoula ever won. It is still strange to me not to be in Indianapolis for Memorial day weekend, having a party to celebrate the Indy 500.

So that's it for tonight...I'll post a catching up part two tomorrow and try to get back into the swing of things.
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