Friday, February 04, 2005

Roaming the Streets of Eugene

It's no wonder my life is still unsettled, I can't even decide where to eat dinner! I arrived in Eugene, Oregon this afternoon at 4:00 PM, a day ahead of my certification exam for the American College of Medical Practice Executives. After a $22.00 taxi ride I arrived at the Best Western New Oregon Hotel, located directly across the street from the University of Oregon campus.

I can't wait to explore the campus, which I hope to do late tomorrow afternoon. But tonight the mission was to find a cool and unique place to eat...something I always like to do whenever I hit a college town. There is something about the atmosphere and the energy of a college town that is attractive to me and so I left my hotel room set on finding an out of the way culinary surprise. I walked about a mile into the old downtown area, skirting the campus and walking past several beautiful sorority and fraternity houses. There was a tasty looking Thai place called Sweet Basil, a wood-fired pizza and pasta place called Ambrosia and a funky looking bistro called Zenon....I snubbed them all, looking for something more. I roamed on, finding a hole in the wall pseudo-Asian joint called The Jail which boasted the best teriyaki in town...and moved on down the road. I past Chinese, Mexican and Italian restaurants before realizing I had been walking for almost two hours as my mind wandered from food to college memories to family and friends and to my little i settled on a non-descript Chinese resatuarant called House of Chen.

The House of Chen was not what I was looking for; the food was decent, the service was quick and it was only three blocks from my hotel. But it was ironic that I sepnt all that time roaming and searching and passing up great place after great place before settling on something easy, nearby and known...I wonder if that is a metaphor for anything else?
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