Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Power of the Internet

Tonight I got and sent an email from Pete over in Thailand. He's busy with his life, his new wife and trying to start his bronze business. Anyhow, i'm trying to connect Pete with my new friend Hossein, who is Iranian. hossein has some friends who make and sell pottery and I thought he and Pete could somehow cross-network.

Here's a glimpse at how my twisted mind works when I have too much time on my hands. While daydreaming about how all this could lead to some sort of adventure in iran for me, a Greg Brown playing in the background made me start day dreaming. my thoughts of Iran floated to Turkey and thoughts of beautiful rugs and wonderful people and then my mind floated to a dusty corner and the name of Ela Aktay popped out. Ela was the first girl I thought I was in "real" love with and that would have been about 20 years ago. I have some funny stories about meeting her parents (Turkish emmigrants to the US) but I'll save that for another time. So suddenly I was thinking of Ela and I remembered how I found her about three years ago, from a paper I came across that had an E. Aktay of Evanston, IL as the author. I sent her an email and she responded very promptly. We started to exchange emails back and forth but they soon faded. So here I sat, daydreaming and all sorts of wondering filled my head, as it often does when I think about life and the journey we all make through it.

So I googled her...and I not only found her and the reviews she's done, but I found a bio on her and a picture. Wow! 20 years. Pretty amazing. from the sounds of it, she's still married to Matt Booty, a guy I never met him and a guy who had a made up image in my head that has been locked up in one of those seldom visited corners of my mind. He might be a swell guy, seeing how Ela's been married to him for quite some time, he must be. Hmmm. interesting.
Ela 2004.bmp
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